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Land Grant Genealogy 5

Thoroughfare For Freedom
The Second Atlas of the Cumberland Settlements
1779 - 1804

Gateway to the West
Gateway to the West – David Wright, Artist


Volume II - Thoroughfare For Freedom 
The Second Atlas of the Cumberland Settlements
1779 - 1804  


The story of where we came from, how we got here, the land we settled and the society we created. The road by which we traveled came to be known as The Road to the Holston and it was built entirely by Middle Tennesseans, across the rugged wilderness of the Cumberland Plateau, then still Cherokee Territory. It replaced the longer, indirect route through Cumberland Gap and Kentucky, connecting our fragile settlements with the more established ones of East Tennessee, the Carolinas and Virginia. It passed through the very heart of Middle Tennessee, fanning out at Mansker’s Fort at today’s Goodlettsville to become the Thoroughfare for Freedom for hundreds of thousands of pioneers over the period 1788 until well into the Nineteenth Century. While many pioneers planted deep roots in the Cumberland River Valley, the majority continued to West Tennessee, up to Kentucky, Illinois and Missouri, down the Natchez Trace to Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana, across to Arkansas and Texas, and ultimately to California and the West Coast.
  • Introduction
  • The Ancient Ones
    • Prehistory of Middle Tennessee Illustrated with Art and Artifacts - Paleo Stone Age - Archaic Period - Woodland Period - Mississippian Period - Current Archeological Excavations by Middle Tennessee University at Castalian Springs site.
  • The Promised Land
    • The Longhunters - The First Settlers - The Early Indian Wars 1779 - 1782 - The Transylvania Purchase - Dragging Canoe's Dire Prophesy and the Separation of the Chickamaugas from his Father Attakullakulla's Tribe the Upper Cherokees - Isolation, Loss and Abandonment - the Chickasaws attack on Freeland's Station - The Battle of the Bluffs - The Murder of Young James Hall - David Hood Plays Possum - James Robertson, Scalp Surgeon, Thomas Bigfoot Spencer.
  • Tennesseans Turn the Tide
    • The War Moves South – Kings Mountain – Cowpens – Guilford Courthouse – A Listing of Middle Tennesseans Who Participated in One or More of These Three Battles and Received a Land Grant for Their Service, by Name, Battle(s) and Location of Grant.
  • Tribulations, Treaties, Trade and the Tennessee Land Rush
    • James Robertson, Warrior and Diplomat, The Vote to Host the Chickasaw Indians at Treaty Negotiations in Nashville, Treaty Makes Them Firm Allies and Secures the Western Flank of the Settlements and Opens the Way Down the Mississippi and South along the Chickasaw Trace – Organization of Davidson County, North Carolina and Designation of County Officials and Election of Militia officers – North Carolina Commissioners Arrive Followed by Surveyors to Begin Laying Off Boundaries and Land Grants – the Winchester Brothers Set up for Business – the Indian Terrors Continue – Robertson Reacts – the Litigious Settlers – Providing for Widows, Orphans and Bastards – The Traders - The Spanish Turn from Friend to Secret Foe – The Mero District and the Flirtation with the Spanish in New Orleans.
  • A Thoroughfare for Freedom
    • The Night of the Shooting Stars- The Cumberland Valley - The Losses Continue – Robertson, with Help from the Chickasaws Leads The Coldwater Campaign to Punish the Creeks, Chickamaugas and their French Suppliers - North Carolina Sends Reinforcements to the Beleaguered Settlers – The Settlers Cut a New Road West Over Cumberland Mountain to the Clinch River and Establish a Fortified Crossing at Fort Blount – Andrew Jackson Arrives and Sends the British and Spanish Back to Europe and the Indians Beyond the Mississippi River.
  • A Wealth of Opportunity
    • The Opportunity to Grow Wealthy and What That Meant – Currency, Coinage and the Spanish Dollar – Measuring Value in a Cashless Society – Inflation and Deflation – Sold into Slavery; A Tabulation of Transactions from 1784-1804 – The Rising Value of Land - Speculators , Fraud and the Great Land Grab.
  • North Carolina Land Grants in Tennessee
    • A continuation from Volume I dealing with various aspects of Land Grants. 
    • 80 full page color maps featuring actual plats of the grants on current USGS Maps.  Includes old road systems, traces, springs and other features related by the pioneer surveyors themselves.
    • Counties included are all of Rutherford, Williamson & Wilson Counties, the remainder of Davidson & Smith Counties & portions of Bedford, Cannon, Cheatham, DeKalb, Jackson, Maury, Marshall, Putnam, Sumner, & Trousdale Counties.
    • See map below for a graphic representation of the counties included in this and other Volumes
  • Complete all name  & geographical features Index

The book includes throughout high resolution, full color reproductions of some of the finest of historic artists, present and past, including David Wright, John Buxton, Pamela Patrick White, Don Troiani, Charles Wilson Peale, William Ranney, Samuel Lovett Waldo, Allen Ramsey, Sir Joshua Reynolds, Daniel Gardner, Bradley Schmehl, Dale Gallon, John Trumbull, Thomas Waterman Wood, Eugene Louis Lami, Ralph E. W. Earl and Bill Puryear.

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Data Supplement 3  

Now available for immediate shipment

Sample Pages and Format of Data Supplements


Data Supplement 3 is a continuation of our efforts in location and transcription of North Carolina Land Grants. Prior purchasers of our work will be able to enjoy the maps furnished with a seamless addition and transition to the new areas. 

Focus Area Volume II


Surveyors and Grantees included in Volume II & III

  • Land Grant officials: Martin Armstrong - Surveyor Continental Line, Daniel Smith - Davidson County Surveyor, John Armstrong - Entry Officer and Samuel Barton - Entry Officer. The following men were designated Deputy Surveyors in the expanded area of coverage noted above:

    Walter Braly, James Brock, Joseph Brock, Morgan Brown, John Buchanan, Ephraim Davidson, James Davis, John Davis, William Dobbins, John Donelson, James Graham, Edward Harris, David Hay, Robert Hays, Edwin Hickman, Thomas Hickman, Thomas Johnson, William Maclin, John Mann, John Martin, Ephraim McLean, David McRee, Thomas Molloy, James Mulherin, William Murray, William Nash, Robert Nelson, John Payton, Ezekiel Polk, William Polk, B. William Pollock, Isaac Roberts, Robert Russell, Henry Rutherford, James Sanders, Robert Searcy, Howell Tatum, William Tyrrell, David Vance, George Walker, Robert Weakley, Haydon Wells, Sampson Williams, George Winchester
  • Pioneer Grants - 699 men and women receiving 1410 North Carolina land grants.  (This portion commenced June 1, 2009 and as grants are placed they will be added here - completion of grant placements July 25, 2010) Images of each grant & surveyor plats included as well as transcriptions - each placed on modern day maps.

    Alexander Acquard, Timothy Acuff, Jacob Adams, David Adkins, Simon Alderson, Ebenezer Alexander, Ezekiel Alexander, George Alexander, Matthew Alexander, Robert Alexander, Stephen Alexander, Capt William Alexander, John Allen, Mary Allen, Lt. Walter Allen, William Allen, John Allison, Thomas Allison, Daniel Anderson, David Anderson, William Anderson, James Andrews, James Anthony, Jonathan Anthony, Thomas Archer, Robert Archibald, Charles Arington, Col James Armstrong, Col John Armstrong, Martin Armstrong, Capt Thomas Armstrong, Capt William Armstrong, Capt Samuel Ashe, Joseph Atkins, Charleton Atkinson

    John Bailey, John Baker, Hezekiah Barnes, Robert Barnet, Henry Barns, Betsy Barrow, James Barrow, Sherrod Barrow, Redmond Dillon Barry, Gabriel Barton, Samuel Barton, George Henry Baryer, Amos Baulch, Andrew Bay, John Lewis Beard, Lewis Beard, William Beck, William Bell, Jesse Benton, David Bizzell, Anthony Black heirs, William Black, William Blackfan, James Blair, Thomas Blair, John Blair, Anthony D. Bledsoe, Benjamin Hodges Blount, John Gray Blount, John Gray & Thomas Blount, Major Reading Blount, Thomas Blount, William Blount, Surgeon Joseph Blyth, John Bond, Wright Bond, John & James Bonner, James Robertson Bosley, Andrew Bostian, Major Robert Bowman, Andrew Boyd, John Boyd, John Boyd Jr., William Boyd, Andrew Boyd & John Hackett, Capt Gee Bradley, Capt James Bradley, James Bradshaw Charles McCommon & Amos Balch, Charles Braiden, James Bradshaw - Charles McCommon & Amos Balch, Walter Braly, Col James Brandon, Robert Brank & William McLean, Alexander Breckenridge & David Looney, James G. Brehon, Sterling Brewer, Thelford & George Brewer, Christopher Brooks, Stephen Brooks, John Brown & John Davis, James Brown, Morgan Brown, William Joseph Daniel & George Brown, John Buchanan, Samuel Buchanan, Samuel Budd, Ambrose Bull, Thomas Burgess, William Bush, Eusebus Bushnell & William Dobbins, ` John Butler, William Buxton, James Byrnes

    John Caffery, Daniel Campbell, James Campbell, Stephen Cantrell, Robert Caper, Andrew Carnahan, James Carson, Capt Benjamin Carter, Landon Carter, Robert Casbol, Jacob Cassalman, Jacob & Jeremiah Casteele, Andrew Castleman, Benjamin Castleman, Benjamin Jacob & Joseph Castleman, William Caswell, George Cathey Sr., George Cathey & William Campbell, Richard Cathey, William Cathey, Daniel Chambers, Capt Francis Child, Samuel Churchell, John Civil, Isaac Clark, Lardner Clark, Vachel Clark, John Clendening, Joseph Cloud, John Coart, Jesse Cobb, William Cocke, William Cockran, John Cockrill, Benjamin Coleman, Nicholas, Conrad, Nicholas Conrod, Robert Cooper, Thomas Cotton, James Council, Edward Cox, Thomas Cox, James Craven, Richard Cross, Raiford Crumpler, George Cummins

    Richard Dallain, John Darden, Enoch Dauge, George Davidson, William Davidson, John Davidson, Benjamin Davis, David Savis, Elisha Davis, John Davis, Joshua Davis, Thomas Davis, Lt. Col. William Davis, George M. Deadrick, Cosimo De Medius, Thomas Dickey, Edward Dickson, James Dickson, John Dickson, Joseph Dickson, William Dix, Tilman Dixon, William Dobins, Major George Doherty, John Donelson, John & Samuel Donelson, Stockley Donelson, Stockley Donelson & William Tyrrell, William Donelson, Thomas Donoho, William Donoho, James Douge, David Douglas, Ezekiel Douglas, James Douglass, Robert Douglass, William Douglass, Morgan Drury, Guilford Dudley, Charles Dungeth, Peter Dunnick

    Capt John Eburn, John Elliot, John Elliott, Simon Elliott, Thomas Elliott, Joseph Ellison, Robert Espey, Alexander Ewing

    Richard Fenner, William Ferebee Capt, James Flack, William Fleming, Elias Ford, John Ford, Thomas Ford, Elias Fort, John Foreman, Anthony Foster, John Fowler heir of James Fowler, John Frances, George Francesco

    Anthony Gains, James Gallaspie, William Gallaspie, Thomas Gallispie, James Galloway, Bradley Gambill, John Garrall, Charles Gerrard, William Gilbert, William Gilbreath, William Gilbreath & Jeremiah Chamberland, Charles Gerrard, James Gill, William Gill, James Gillingham, Charles Gilmore, David Gilston, John Ginnings, Jonathan Gise, James Glasgow, Michael Gleaves, Michal Gleaves, William Goad, Andrew Goff, William Good, Robert Goodlow, William Goodman heirs, Soloman P. Goodrich & Sterling Wheaton, Chloe Goodwin, John Graham, Joseph Graham, Capt Richard Graham, Samuel Graham, John Granberry, James Grant, Reubin Grant, Francis Graves, Jonathan Graves, Alexander Green & James Robertson, Andrew Green, Dr. James West Green, John Greenaway, General Nathanael Greene, Andrew Greer, Ann Greer, Thomas & Alexander Greer, William Gubbins, Christopher Guice, Edward Gwin

    Capt Joshua Hadley, Thomas Hafler, Clement Hall, James Hamilton, Thomas Hamilton, William Hamilton, John Harden, William Hardin, Frederick Harget, William Hargrove, Israel Harmond, James Harris, Samuel Harris, Maj Thomas HarrisCapt Thomas Harris, Anthony Hart, Cumberland Hart, Chinai Hart, John Hart, Joseph Hart, Mary Ann Hart, Nathaniel Hart, R. G. Hart, Simpson Hart, Susannah Hart, Thomas Hart, John Hays, Robert Hays, Robert & John Hays, Theophilus Hays, Thomas Hays, John Haywood, Robert Heaton, Archibald Henderson, Joseph Hendricks, Hugh Henry Senr, Isaac Henry, James Henry, John Herley, Mary Henry, Benjamin Herndon, Thomas Hickman, Daniel Hicks, Henry Hiland, Dan Hill, Green Hill, Daniel Hilton, Joseph Hinds, James Hogg, Thomas Hogg, James Holland, Lt Hardy Holmes, John Hord, Archibald Houston, James Houston, Joseph Howard, John Howell, John Huck, James Huggins, Anderson Hunt, Memucan Hunt, James Hunter, Theophilies Hunter

    James Ives, James Irwin, Joseph Irwin, Robert Irwin

    Andrew Jackson, Andrew Jackson & Samuel Donelson, William Jackson, Dempsey Jenkins, Edmond Jennings, Willoughby Jervis, Benjamin Johnston, Thomas Johnson, James Johnston, John Johnston, Ambrose Jones, Hardy Jones, Henry Jones, Nathaniel Jones, Philip Jones, Shadrack Jones, Tignall Jones, Daniel Joslin, David Justice

    Joseph Kemp, James Kendey, Abraham Kennedy, Thomas Kennedy, John Kerr, Joseph Kerr, Samuel Kerr, Thomas Kilgore, Joseph Kilpatrick, John Kingsborough, John Kirkpatrick, Michael Kirkpatrick, John Knox, John Koin, Gottlob Krauss

    Joel Lain, Col. Gideon Lamb, Aaron Lambert, Abraham Landers, William Lanair, John Lancaster, Alexander Lanier, John Larkin, Lt. Nathaniel Laurence, Hugh Leeper, James M. Lewis, Joel Lewis, William Terrel Lewis, Silas Linton, James Lock, Mathew Lock, John Locke, Hugh Logan, William Loggins, John Logue, Nicholas Long, Thomas Love, Edward Lucas, James Lyndzey, Stephen Lynn, Lt Col Archibald Lytle, William Lytle

    John Mackey, William Maclin, John Mann, Robert Marley, Archibald Marlin, John Marshall, William Marshall, Governor Alexander Martin, George Martin Richard Martin & Amos Balch, Joseph Martin, Samuel Martin, Capt William Martin, Thomas Massey, Nicholas Matlock, William Matlock, Samuel Maxwell, Joseph McClammey, Samuel McCleary, Robert McConnel, Robert McCormick, James McCrory, Thomas McCrory, Benjamin McCulloh, James McCuistion, James McCusster Jr., John McCutchin, Thomas McDavid, Joseph McDowell, John McFarland, Daniel McKissick, James McKissick, Ephraim McLean, John McNairy, William McNeeley, Maj Griffith John McRee, John McRorey, James Mebane, Col William Mebane, Capt John Medearis, Adam Meek, James Mences, Thomas Micajah, James Middleton, John Milligan, Benjamin Mills, Robert Mitchel, John Mitchell, Joseph Mitchell, Mark Mitchell, William Mitchell, Thomas Molloy, Thomas Moncrieff, Capt Joseph Montfort, William Moore, John Moran, William Morrison, Joseph Mosley, Samuel Mosley, Samuel Motheral, John Motherell, James Cole Mountflorence, James Mulherin, John Mulherin, Melone Mullin, Col Hardy Murfree, Titus Murray, Jacob Myers

    Sarah Nash heiress of Frances Nash, William Nash, Andrew Neal, Lt Alexander Nelson, Maj John Nelson, Robert Nelson, Eli Newland, Anthony Newman, John Nichols, Joshua Nichols & John Webb, William Norton, John Nowland

    Elijah Oliver, William Overall, John Overton, Christopher Owens

    Rebecca Parkerson, David Parkes, George Parks, Hugh Parks, Harrison Parsons, Elijah Patten, Samuel Patten Jr., Samuel Patten Jr. & Thomas Nichols, Samuel Patten Sr., Samuel Patterson, James Pearsall, James Pearson, Thomas Person, Elisha Phelps, Caleb Phifer, Martin Phifer, Martin Phifer Sr., David Phillips, Philip Phillips, Philip Phillips & Michael Campbell, John Pierce, Gideon Pillow, George Pirtle, Ezekiel Polk Jr., James Polk, Thomas Polk, Thomas & Ezekiel Polk, Maj William Polk, William Ponder, Rees Porter, Reese Porter, John Porterfield, John Potter, Demsey Powell, Thomas Powell, John Province, Peter Pyette

    Patrick Quigley

    John Rains, Mills Ramsey, Benjamin Fitz Randolph, Robert Raper, William Ray, James Reace, Nancy & Elizabeth Reardon, Jordan Reaves, Jesse Reed, John Reed, George Reese Jun, Jesse Renfroe, Peter Rhem, Capt Joseph Rhodes, John Rice, John & Harriet S. Rice, John Rice - Abraham Riston & Elisha Rice, John Rice - Sapington & Company, James Richards, James Richardson, Francis Right, Abraham Riston, Alexander Robertson, David Robertson, Elijah Robertson, Elizabeth Robertson, Felix Robertson & John Jackson, James Robertson, James Robertson & John Davis, James Robertson & Alexander Greer, James Robertson & Joseph Greer, James Robertson & Hugh Leeper, James Robertson & John Rains, James Frier Robertson, James R. Robertson, Mark Robertson, Michael Robertson, Mary Rogers heiress, Daniel Rose, Joseph Ross, William Ross, James Royal heirs, Cornelius Ruddell, James Russell, Samuel Russell, Thomas Russell, Robert Spotswood Russell, General Griffith Rutherford, Henry Rutherford, Sarah Rutledge, Thomas Rutledge, Thomas Rutledge Jr.

    Abraham Sanders, James Sanders, William Sanders, Samuel Sanford, Miller Sawyers, Sampson Sawyers, James Scott, Marmaduke Scott, Bennet Searcy, Robert Searcy, John Sevier, William Sexton, Philip Shackler, Richard Shaffer, Anthony Sharpe, Anthony Sharpe & Thomas Dugan, Daniel Shaw, Robert Shaw, Evan Shelby, Col Isaac Shelby, John Shelby, Moses Shelby, William Sheppard, William Sheppard & James Robertson, William Sherrin, Jacob Shores, Peter Short, Jesse Shute, Isidore Skerrett, William Slade, Benjamin Smith, Daniel Smith, David Smith, John Smith, Oliver Smith, Robert Smith, Col Robert Smith, Robert Washington Smith, William Smith & John Davis, Austin Spain, Robert Stamland, Jesse Steed, Charles Stewart, Duncan Stewart, Duncan Stewart & James Robertson, Robert Stewart, Aquilla Sugg, George Augustus Sugg, Noah Sugg, John Summers, Brig Gen Jethro Sumner, Bailey Sutton

    Matthew Talbot, Thomas Talbot, Maj Absolom Tatum, Bainard Tatum, Barnard Tatum, Bernard Tatum, Howell Tatum, Howell Tatum & William Lytle, Howell Tatum & Henry Wiggins, Jesse Taunt, William Taunt, Archibald Taylor, James Thaxton, Benjamin Thomas, Micijah Thomas, Philemon Thomas, James Thompson, Jason Thompson, Robert Thompson, Rosiah Thompson, Thomas Thompson, Thomas & Samuel Thompson, James Todd, Roger Topp, William Toteville, Ozwald Towns, Richard Trotter, John Trousdale, James Tucker, William Turnbull, Oliver Tuton, William Tuton, Owen Tyler, William Tyrrell, William Tyrrell & James Easton, William Tyrrell & William Lytle

    David Vance

    Allen Walker, George Walker, Joel Wall, James Wallace, William Wallace, Ennis Ward, George Ward, James Watt, Robert Weakley, Robert Weakley & Thomas Bedford, Robert Weakley & James Weakley, Henry Welburn, John Welch, Hayden Wells, Daniel Wheaton, Mourning Wheeler & Elizabeth Underwood, Ezekiel White, James White, William Whitehead, John White, Bryant Whitfield, John Whitsell, Wikoff & Clark, Daniel Wilburn, Daniel Williams, Cap't Daniel Williams, Robert Williams, Sampson Williams, Turner Williams, Willoughby Williams, Doctor Hugh Williamson, Thomas Williamson, John Wills, David Wilson, David Wilson & William Wilson, James Wilson, James Wilson Jun'r, John Wilson, Samuel Wilson, John Womble, John Wood, William Wood, James Wyatt, William Wykoff & Lardner Clark