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Elk River Land Grants

Atlases are 14 x 11, full color "Coffee Table Books"


Vol 1 Founding of the Cumberland Settlements Available


Vol 2 Thoroughfare for Freedom Available


Vol 3 The First Southwest Sold Out


** 1st edition w/Map CD & all author signatures


These Atlases may be made available via pdf file on Flash Drive which are copies of the original books.   email me if interested.

Elk River Land Grants  

1st edition printing (2009) which includes the original CD with details on all grant placements as well as many other details concerning the placements of land grants. Included are signatures of all three authors.  Insurance and postage is included.



Elk River Land Grants

Data Supplements & Land Grant Genealogies are available exclusively on Flash Drive


Data Supplement 1 & 2 - (Land Grant details for Vol 1 on Flash Drive) Available


Land Grant Genealogy 3 (Land Grant details for Vol 2 on Flash Drive) Available


Land Grant Genealogy 4 (Land Grant details for Vol 3 on Flash Drive) Available


Land Grant Genealogy 5 (Land Grants on Elk River Perfect Bound 8 1/2 x 11)


Land Grant Genealogy 5 (Land Grants on Elk River) Color Maps on Flash Drive


Sumner County Project  (Update to 1838) 26 Color Maps & Index on Flash Drive




Sumner County Project

Since earlier publication in 2009 of "Founding of the Cumberland Settlements" many additions and changes detailing Sumner County land grants have come to light.  A recent project in conjunction with the Sumner County Archives has resulted in the revision of the 26 maps covering the current confines of Sumner County.  These maps originally showed 439 North Carolina Land Grants and have been revised to show additional categories and grants listed below:

  • 439 Original transactions of North Carolina awarded land grants shown in Vol 1

  • 78 Additional placements of NC Land Grants in this project

  • 108 North Carolina Deed transactions on original grants

  • 561 Sumner County Deed book additions (Books 1 thru 7)

  • 302 Tennessee Land Grants (Record Group 50)

  • 45 Tennessee Land Grants (Ancestry)

  • 65 Kentucky Land Grants

Included with maps is an extensive excel spreadsheet index containing 9.769 lines of data showing the land recipient, acres, source of information and map reference.  This index also references chain carriers, deed assignees, neighbors and geographical features.

Copies of this work is currently  available at the Sumner County Archives.  The maps and index is now being made available on flash drive for $69.95.  Individual maps and information may be obtained at the Archives. 

Shipping & Handling - Add $6.95 per Order


Payment accepted:  Personal Check or Money Order  payable to: Jack Masters - Sorry but I do not accept Credit Cards.

Send Orders to:  

Jack Masters

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Several copies of Volume 2 in the Atlas series are currently available for shipment.

Land Grants on Elk River is in inventory and will ship on a next day basis.


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Elk River Land Grants