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Cumberland Compact
Cumberland Compact Signers


Signers pages 1 - 4 of original Cumberland Compact Signers - click on images for larger view.


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Location reference for signers in this paper will be given as "P1 C1 L1" or "Page 1, Column 1, Line 1"


      In 1846 historian A. W. Putnam discovered the only surviving copy of the Cumberland Compact in a trunk that once belonged to Samuel Barton. Among the faded contents he had found the original document that came to be generally known as The Cumberland Compact.

      This document, signed in May 1780 by the first settlers on the Cumberland River established a provisional government for the isolated colony, provided for the election of twelve representatives from the eight stations, provided for a Sheriff, a Clerk, a Militia, and for the adjudication of causes, the administration of estates, and the awarding of executions. Power was vested in a tribunal of Judges or General Committee. Samuel Barton was a signatory and was named as one of these first judges.

      Find a listing of all pioneers who signed the Cumberland Compact. We have seen the number of signers given from 244 to as many as 256.  The critical variable is the duplications which are shown on each of the four pages.  We believe that the individual pages were perhaps circulated about the settlement and base this on an analysis of the handwriting along with ink characteristics.  See Cumberland Compact Signers Notes which support the total signatures as 248.

      For a complete listing of the signers, in order as given by North Carolina and in alphabetical order, click here

      Spelling shown below, as near as we can determine, is exactly as signed.

      Signers of the Cumberland Compact

      "Rich'd Henderson, Nath'l Hart, Wm H. Moore, Jn'o Donelson C., Gasper Mansker, John Caffery, John Blakemore Sen'r, John Blakemore Jun'r, James Shaw, Samuel Deson, Samuel Martin, James Buchanan, Solomon Turpin, Isaac Rentfro, Robert Cartwright, Hugh Rogan, Joseph Morton, William Woods, David Mitchell, David Shelton, Spill Coleman, Sam'l McMurray, P. Henderson, Edward Bradley, Edw'd Bradley Jun'r, Ja's Bradley, Michael Stoner, Joseph Mosely, Henry Guthrie, Francis Armstrong, Robert Lucas, J's Robertson, George Freland, James Freland, John Tucker, Peter Catron, Philop Catron, Francis Catron, John Dunham, Isaac Johnson, Adam Kelar, Tho's Burgess, Wm Burgess, William Green, Moses Webb, Absalom Thompson, John McVay, James Thomson, Charles Thomson, Robert Thomson, Martain Hardin, Elijah Thomson, Andrew Thomson, William Leaton, Edward Thomelu, Isaac Drake, Jonathan Jening, Zachariah Green, Andrew Lucas, James [X] Patrick, Rich'd Gross, John Drake, Daniel Turner, Timothy Terel, Isaac Lefever, Thomas Fletcher, Sam'l Barton, James Ray, Thomas Denton, Thomas Hendricks, John Holloday, Frederick Stump, William Hood, John Boyd, Jacob Stump, Henry Hardin, Richard Stanton, Sampson Sawyers, John Holson, Ralph Wilson, James Givens, Robert Givens, Ja's Harrod, James Buchanan Sr. William Geioch, Sam'l Shelton, John Gibson, Robert Espey, George Espey, William Gowen, John Wilson, James Espey, Michael Kimberlin, John Cowan, Francis Hodge, William Fleming, James Leeper, George Leeper, Daniel Mungle, Patrick McCutchan, Sam'l McCutchan, Wm Price, Henry Kerbey, Joseph jackson, Daniel Ragsdil, Michael Shaver, Samuel Willson, John Reid, Joseph Daugherty, George Daugherty, Cha's Cameron, W. Russell Jun'r, Hugh Simpson, Samuel Moore, Joseph Denton, Arthur McAdoo, James McAdoo, Nath'l Henderson, John Evans, Wm. Bailey Smith, Peter Luney, Jon Luney, James Cain, Dan'l Johnston, Dan'l Jarrot, Jesse Maxey, Noah Hawthorn, Charles McCartney, John Anderson, Matthew Anderson, William McWhorter, Bartnet Hainey, Rich'd Sims, Titus Murray, James Hamilton, Henry Daugerty, Zach White Burgess White, William Calley, James Ray, William Ray, Perley Grimes, Samuel White, Daniel Hogan, Tho's Hines, Robert Goodloe, Tho's W. Alston, Wm Barret, Thomas Shannon, James Moore, Edward Moore, Rich'd Moore, Sam'l Moore, Elijah Moore, John Moore, Demsey Moore, Andrew Ewin, Ebenezer Titus, Mark Roberson, John Montgomery, Charles Campbill, William Overall, John Turner, Nathaniel Overall, Patrick Quigley, Josias Gamble, Sam'l Newell, Joseph Read, David Maxwell, Thos. Jefriss, Joseph Dunnagin, John Phelps, Andrew Bushongs, Daniel Ragsdell, Jn'o McMyrty, D. D. Williams, John McAdams, Samson Williams, Thomas Thompson, Martin King, Wm Logan, John Allstead, Nicholas Counrod, Evin Evins, Jonathan Evins, Thomas, Joshua Thomas, David Rounsavall, Isaac Rounsavall, James Crocket, Andrew Crocket, Russell Gower, John Shannon, David Shannon, Jonathan Drake, Benjamin Drake, John Drake, Mereday Rains, Rich'd Dodge, James Green, James Cooke, Daniel Johnston, Geo. Mines, George Green, WilIiam More, Jacob Cimberlin, Robert Dockerty, John Crow, William Summers, Lesois Frize, Amb's Mauldin, Morton Mauldin, John Dukham, Archelaus Allaway, Sam'l Hayes, Nath'l Hayes, Isaac Johnson, Thomas Edmeston, Ezek'l Norris, William Purnell, Wm McMurrey, John Condey, NiColas Tramal, Haydon Wells, Daniel Ratletf, John Callaway, John Pleake, Willis Pope, Silas Harlan, Hugh Leeper, Harmon Consellea, Humphrey Hogan, James Foster, Wm Morris, Nathaniel Bidkew, A. Tatom, William Hinson, Edmund Newton, Jonathan Green, John Phillips, George Flynn, Daniel Jarrott, John Owens, James Freland, Tho's Molloy, Isaac Lindsey, Isaac Bledsoe, Jacob Castleman, George Power, James Lynn, Thomas Cox, Edward Lucas, Philip Alston, James Russell"





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