Cumberland Compact Signers



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Signers as signed document Location on document ** Listing alphabetically by last Name Location on document **
Rich'd Henderson P1-C1-L1 Alloway, Archelaus P3-C3-L7
Nath'l Hart P1-C1-L2 Allstead, John P3-C2-L7
Wm H. Moore P1-C1-L3 Alston, Philip P4-C1-L18
Samuel Phariss P1-C1-L4 Alston, Tho's W. P3-C1-L3
Jn'o Donelson C. P1-C1-L5 Anderson, John P2-C3-L9
Gasper Mansker P1-C1-L6 Anderson, Matthew P2-C3-L10
John Caffery P1-C1-L7 Armstrong, Francis P1-C2-L7
John Blackemore Sen'r P1-C1-L8 Barrett, Wm P3-C1-L4
John Blakemore Jun'r P1-C1-L9 Barton, Sam'l P2-C1-L4
James Shaw P1-C1-L10 Bidlack, Nathaniel P3-C3-L28
Samuel Deson P1-C1-L11 Blackemore, John Sen'r P1-C1-L7
Samuel Martin P1-C1-L12 Blakemore, John Jun'r P1-C1-L8
James Buchanane P1-C1-L13 Bledsoe, Isaac P4-C1-L12
Solomon Turpin P1-C1-L14 Boyd, John P2-C1-L11
Isaac Rentfro P1-C1-L15 Bradley, Edward P1-C2-L1
Robert Cartwright P1-C1-L16 Bradley, Edw'd Jun'r P1-C2-L2
Hugh Rogan P1-C1-L17 Bradley, Ja's P1-C2-L3
Joseph Morton P1-C1-L18 Buchanan, James Sr. P2-C1-L21
William Woods P1-C1-L19 Buchanane, James P1-C1-L12
David Mitchell P1-C1-L20 Burgess, Tho's P1-C2-L19
David Shelton P1-C1-L21 Burgess, Wm P1-C2-L20
Spill Coleman P1-C1-L22 Bushongs, Andrew P3-C1-L29
Sam'l McMurray P1-C1-L23 Caffery, John P1-C1-L6
P. Henderson P1-C1-L24 Cain, James P2-C3-L3
Edward Bradley P1-C2-L1 Callaway, John P3-C3-L19
Edw'd Bradley Jun'r P1-C2-L2 Calley, William P2-C3-L19
Ja's Bradley P1-C2-L3 Cameron, Cha's P2-C2-L20
Michael Stoner P1-C2-L4 Campbill, Charles P3-C1-L17
Joseph Mosely P1-C2-L5 Cartwright, Robert P1-C1-L15
Henry Guthrie P1-C2-L6 Castleman, Jacob P4-C1-L13
Francis Armstrong P1-C2-L7 Catron, Francis P1-C2-L15
Robert Lucas P1-C2-L8 Catron, Peter P1-C2-L13
J's Robertson P1-C2-L9 Catron, Philop P1-C2-L14
George Freland P1-C2-L10 Cimberlin, Jacob P3-C2-L31
James Freland P1-C2-L11 Coleman, Spill P1-C1-L21
John Tucker P1-C2-L12 Condey, John P3-C3-L15
Peter Catron P1-C2-L13 Consellea, Harmon P3-C3-L24
Philop Catron P1-C2-L14 Cooke, James P3-C2-L26
Francis Catron P1-C2-L15 Counrod, Nicholas P3-C2-L8
John Dunham P1-C2-L16 Cowan, John P2-C2-L3
Isaac Johnson P1-C2-L17 Cox, Thomas P4-C1-L16
Adam Kelar P1-C2-L18 Crocket, Andrew P3-C2-L16
Tho's Burgess P1-C2-L19 Crocket, James P3-C2-L15
Wm Burgess P1-C2-L20 Crow, John P3-C3-L1
William Green P1-C2-L21 Daugherty, George P2-C2-L19
Moses Webb P1-C2-L22 Daugherty, Henry P2-C3-L16
Absalom Thompson P1-C2-L23 Daugherty, Joseph P2-C2-L18
John McVay P1-C2-L24 Denton, Joseph P2-C2-L24
James Thomson P1-C2-L25 Denton, Thomas P2-C1-L6
Charles Thomson P1-C2-L26 Deson, Samuel P1-C1-L10
Robert Thomson P1-C2-L27 Dockerty, Robert P3-C2-L32
Martain Hardin P1-C2-L28 Dodge, Rich'd P3-C2-L24
Elijah Thomson P1-C2-L29 Donelson, Jn'o C. P1-C1-L4
Andrew Thomson P1-C2-L30 Drake, Benjamin P3-C2-L21
William Leaton P1-C3-L1 Drake, Isaac P1-C3-L3
Edward Thomelu P1-C3-L2 Drake, John P1-C3-L9
Isaac Drake P1-C3-L3 Drake, John P3-C2-L22
Jonathan Jening P1-C3-L4 Drake, Johnathan P3-C2-L20
Zachariah Green P1-C3-L5 Dunham, John P1-C2-L16
Andrew Lucas P1-C3-L6 Dunham, John P3-C3-L6
James [X] Patrick P1-C3-L7 Dunnigan, Joseph P3-C1-L27
Rich'd Gross P1-C3-L8 Edmeston, Thomas P3-C3-L11
John Drake P1-C3-L9 Espey, George P2-C1-L26
Daniel Turner P1-C3-L10 Espey, James P2-C2-L01

** Location on document refers to page, column and line number See Cumberland Compact for pages.

Cells with green background indicate original duplicate signatures
Cells with red background indicate duplicate signature by others



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Signers as signed document Location on document Listing alphabetically by last Name Location on document
Timothy Terel P2-C1-L1 Espey, Robert P2-C1-L25
Isaac Lefever P2-C1-L2 Evans, John P2-C2-L28
Thomas Fletcher P2-C1-L3 Evins, Evin P3-C2-L9
Sam'l Barton P2-C1-L4 Evins, Jonathan P3-C2-L10
James Ray P2-C1-L5 Ewin, Andrew P3-C1-L13
Thomas Denton P2-C1-L6 Fleming, William P2-C2-L5
Thomas Hendricks P2-C1-L7 Fletcher, Thomas P2-C1-L3
John Holloday P2-C1-L8 Flynn, George P4-C1-L6
Frederick Stump P2-C1-L9 Foster, James P3-C3-L26
William Hood P2-C1-L10 Freland, George P1-C2-L10
John Boyd P2-C1-L11 Freland, James P1-C2-L11
Jacob Stump P2-C1-L12 Freland, James P4-C1-L9
Henry Hardin P2-C1-L13 Frize, Lesois P3-C3-L3
Richard Stanton P2-C1-L14 Gamble, Josias P3-C1-L22
Sampson Sawyers P2-C1-L15 Geioch, William P2-C1-L22
John Holson P2-C1-L16 Gibson, John P2-C1-L24
Ralph Wilson P2-C1-L17 Givens, James P2-C1-L18
James Givens P2-C1-L18 Givens, Robert P2-C1-L19
Robert Givens P2-C1-L19 Goodloe, Robert P3-C1-L2
Ja's Harrod P2-C1-L20 Gowen, William P2-C1-L27
James Buchanan Sr. P2-C1-L21 Gower, Russell P3-C2-L17
William Geioch P2-C1-L22 Green, George P3-C2-L29
Sam'l Shelton P2-C1-L23 Green, James P3-C2-L25
John Gibson P2-C1-L24 Green, Jonathan P4-C1-L4
Robert Espey P2-C1-L25 Green, William P1-C2-L21
George Espey P2-C1-L26 Green, Zachariah P1-C3-L5
William Gowen P2-C1-L27 Grimes, Perley P2-C3-L22
John Wilson P2-C1-L28 Gross, Rich'd P1-C3-L8
James Espey P2-C2-L1 Guthrie, Henry P1-C2-L6
Michael Kimberlin P2-C2-L2 Hainey, Barnet P2-C3-L12
John Cowan P2-C2-L3 Hamilton, James P2-C3-L15
Francis Hodge P2-C2-L4 Hardin, Henry P2-C1-L13
William Fleming P2-C2-L5 Hardin, Martain P1-C2-L28
James Leeper P2-C2-L6 Harlan, Silas P3-C3-L22
George Leeper P2-C2-L7 Harrod, Ja's P2-C1-L20
Daniel Mungle P2-C2-L8 Hart, Nath'l P1-C1-L2
Patrick McCutchan P2-C2-L9 Hawthorn, Noah P2-C3-L7
Sam'l McCutchan P2-C2-L10 Hayes, Nath'l P3-C3-L9
Wm Price P2-C2-L11 Hayes, Sam'l P3-C3-L8
Henry Kerbey P2-C2-L12 Henderson, Nath'l P2-C2-L27
Joseph Jackson P2-C2-L13 Henderson, P. P1-C1-L23
Daniel Ragsdil P2-C2-L14 Henderson, Rich'd P1-C1-L1
Michael Shaver P2-C2-L15 Hendricks, Thomas P2-C1-L7
Samuel Willson P2-C2-L16 Hines, Tho's P3-C1-L1
John Reid P2-C2-L17 Hinson, William P4-C1-L2
Joseph Daugherty P2-C2-L18 Hodge, Francis P2-C2-L4
George Daugherty P2-C2-L19 Hogan, Daniel P2-C3-L24
Cha's Cameron P2-C2-L20 Hogan, Humphrey P3-C3-L25
W. Russell Jun'r P2-C2-L21 Holloday, John P2-C1-L8
Hugh Simpson P2-C2-L22 Holson, John P2-C1-L16
Samuel Moore P2-C2-L23 Hood, William P2-C1-L10
Joseph Denton P2-C2-L24 Jackson, Joseph P2-C2-L13
Arthur McAdoo P2-C2-L25 Jarrot, Dan'l P2-C3-L5
James McAdoo P2-C2-L26 Jarrott, Daniel P4-C1-L7
Nath'l Henderson P2-C2-L27 Jefriss, Thos. P3-C1-L26
John Evans P2-C2-L28 Jening, Jonathan P1-C3-L4
Wm. Bailey Smith P2-C2-L29 Johnson, Isaac P1-C2-L17
Peter Luney P2-C3-L1 Johnson, Isaac P3-C3-L10
Jon Luney P2-C3-L2 Johnston, Daniel P3-C2-L27
James Cain P2-C3-L3 Johnston, Dan'l P2-C3-L4
Dan'l Johnston P2-C3-L4 Kelar, Adam P1-C2-L18
Dan'l Jarrot P2-C3-L5 Kerbey, Henry P2-C2-L12
Jesse Maxey P2-C3-L6 Kimberlin, Michael P2-C2-L2
Noah Hawthorn P2-C3-L7 King, Martin P3-C2-L5
Charles McCartney P2-C3-L8 Leaton, William P1-C3-L1
John Anderson P2-C3-L9 Leeper, George P2-C2-L7
Matthew Anderson P2-C3-L10 Leeper, Hugh P3-C3-L23
William McWhorter P2-C3-L11 Leeper, James P2-C2-L6
Barnet Hainey P2-C3-L12 Lefever, Isaac P2-C1-L2
Rich'd Sims P2-C3-L13 Lindsey, Isaac P4-C1-L11
Titus Murray P2-C3-L14 Logan, Wm P3-C2-L6
James Hamilton P2-C3-L15 Lucas, Andrew P1-C3-L6
Henry Daugerty P2-C3-L16 Lucas, Edward P4-C1-L17
Zach White P2-C3-L17 Lucas, Robert P1-C2-L8
Burgess White P2-C3-L18 Luney, Jon P2-C3-L2
William Calley P2-C3-L19 Luney, Peter P2-C3-L1
James Ray P2-C3-L20 Lynn, James P4-C1-L15
William Ray P2-C3-L21 Mansker, Gasper P1-C1-L5
Perley Grimes P2-C3-L22 Martin, Samuel P1-C1-L11
Samuel White P2-C3-L23 Mauldin, Amb's P3-C3-L4
Daniel Hogan P2-C3-L24 Mauldin, Morton P3-C3-L05



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Signers as signed document Location on document Listing alphabetically by last Name Location on document
Tho's Hines P3-C1-L1 Maxey, Jesse P2-C3-L06
Robert Goodloe P3-C1-L2 Maxwell, David P3-C1-L25
Tho's W. Alston P3-C1-L3 McAdams, John P3-C2-L2
Wm Barret P3-C1-L4 McAdoo, Arthur P2-C2-L25
Thomas Shannon P3-C1-L5 McAdoo, James P2-C2-L26
James Moore P3-C1-L6 McCartney, Charles P2-C3-L8
Edward Moore P3-C1-L7 McCutchan, Patrick P2-C2-L9
Rich'd Moore P3-C1-L8 McCutchan, Sam'l P2-C2-L10
Sam'l Moore P3-C1-L9 McMurray, Sam'l P1-C1-L22
Elijah Moore P3-C1-L10 McMurrey, Wm P3-C3-L14
John Moore P3-C1-L11 McMyrty, Jn'o P3-C1-L31
Demsey Moore P3-C1-L12 McVay, John P1-C2-L24
Andrew Ewin P3-C1-L13 McWhorter, William P2-C3-L11
Ebenezer Titus P3-C1-L14 Mines, Geo. P3-C2-L28
Mark Roberson P3-C1-L15 Mitchell, David P1-C1-L19
John Montgomery P3-C1-L16 Molloy, Tho's P4-C1-L10
Charles Campbill P3-C1-L17 Montgomery, John P3-C1-L16
William Overall P3-C1-L18 Moore, Demsey P3-C1-L12
John Turner P3-C1-L19 Moore, Edward P3-C1-L7
Nathaniel Overall P3-C1-L20 Moore, Elijah P3-C1-L10
Patrick Quigley P3-C1-L21 Moore, James P3-C1-L06
Josias Gamble P3-C1-L22 Moore, John P3-C1-L11
Sam'l Newell P3-C1-L23 Moore, Rich'd P3-C1-L8
Joseph Read P3-C1-L24 Moore, Sam'l P3-C1-L9
David Maxwell P3-C1-L25 Moore, Samuel P2-C2-L23
Thos. Jefriss P3-C1-L26 Moore, Wm H. P1-C1-L3
Joseph Dunnagin P3-C1-L27 More, William P3-C2-L30
John Phelps P3-C1-L28 Morris, Wm P3-C3-L27
Andrew Bushongs P3-C1-L29 Morton, Joseph P1-C1-L17
Daniel Ragsdell P3-C1-L30 Mosely, Joseph P1-C2-L5
Jn'o McMyrty P3-C1-L31 Mungle, Daniel P2-C2-L8
Da. Williams P3-C2-L1 Murray, Titus P2-C3-L14
John McAdams P3-C2-L2 Newell, Sam'l P3-C1-L23
Samson Williams P3-C2-L3 Newton, Edmund P4-C1-L3
Thomas Thompson P3-C2-L4 Norris, Ezek'l P3-C3-L12
Martin King P3-C2-L5 Overall, Nathaniel P3-C1-L20
Wm Logan P3-C2-L6 Overall, William P3-C1-L18
John Allstead P3-C2-L7 Owens, John P4-C1-L8
Nicholas Counrod P3-C2-L8 Patrick, [X] James P1-C3-L7
Evin Evins P3-C2-L9 Phariss, Samuel P1-C1-L4
Jonathan Evins P3-C2-L10 Phelps, John P3-C1-L28
Jn. Thomas P3-C2-L11 Phillips, John P4-C1-L5
Joshua Thomas P3-C2-L12 Pleake, John P3-C3-L20
David Rounsavall P3-C2-L13 Pope, Willis P3-C3-L21
Isaac Rounsavall P3-C2-L14 Power, George P4-C1-L14
James Crocket P3-C2-L15 Price, Wm P2-C2-L11
Andrew Crocket P3-C2-L16 Purnell, William P3-C3-L13
Russell Gower P3-C2-L17 Quigley, Patrick P3-C1-L21
John Shannon P3-C2-L18 Ragsdell, Daniel P3-C1-L30
David Shannon P3-C2-L19 Ragsdil, Daniel P2-C2-L14
Jonathan Drake P3-C2-L20 Rains, Mereday P3-C2-L23
Benjamin Drake P3-C2-L21 Ratletf, Daniel P3-C3-L18
John Drake P3-C2-L22 Ray, James P2-C1-L5
Mereday Rains P3-C2-L23 Ray, James P2-C3-L20
Rich'd Dodge P3-C2-L24 Ray, William P2-C3-L21
James Green P3-C2-L25 Read, Joseph P3-C1-L24
James Cooke P3-C2-L26 Reid, John P2-C2-L17
Daniel Johnston P3-C2-L27 Rentfro, Isaac P1-C1-L14
Geo. Mines P3-C2-L28 Robertson, J's P1-C2-L9
George Green P3-C2-L29 Robertson, Mark P3-C1-L15
WilIiam More P3-C2-L30 Rogan, Hugh P1-C1-L16
Jacob Cimberlin P3-C2-L31 Rounsavall, David P3-C2-L13
Robert Dockerty P3-C2-L32 Rounsavall, Isaac P3-C2-L14
John Crow P3-C3-L1 Russell, James P4-C1-L19
William Summers P3-C3-L2 Russell, W. Jun'r P2-C2-L21
Lesois Frize P3-C3-L3 Sawyers, Sampson P2-C1-L15
Amb's Mauldin P3-C3-L4 Shannon, David P3-C2-L19
Morton Mauldin P3-C3-L5 Shannon, John P3-C2-L18
John Dunham P3-C3-L6 Shannon, Thomas P3-C1-L5
Archelaus Allaway P3-C3-L7 Shaver, Michael P2-C2-L15
Sam'l Hayes P3-C3-L8 Shaw, James P1-C1-L9
Nath'l Hayes P3-C3-L9 Shelton, David P1-C1-L20
Isaac Johnson P3-C3-L10 Shelton, Sam'l P2-C1-L23
Thomas Edmeston P3-C3-L11 Simpson, Hugh P2-C2-L22
Ezek'l Norris P3-C3-L12 Sims, Rich'd P2-C3-L13
William Purnell P3-C3-L13 Smith, Wm. Bailey P2-C2-L29
Wm McMurrey P3-C3-L14 Stanton, Richard P2-C1-L14
John Condey P3-C3-L15 Stoner, Michael P1-C2-L04
NiColas Tramal P3-C3-L16 Stump, Frederick P2-C1-L9
Haydon Wells P3-C3-L17 Stump, Jacob P2-C1-L12
Daniel Ratletf P3-C3-L18 Summers, William P3-C3-L2
John Callaway P3-C3-L19 Tatom, A. P4-C1-L1
John Pleake P3-C3-L20 Terel, Timothy P2-C1-L1
Willis Pope P3-C3-L21 Thomas, Jn. P3-C2-L11
Silas Harlan P3-C3-L22 Thomas, Joshua P3-C2-L12
Hugh Leeper P3-C3-L23 Thomelu, Edward P1-C3-L2
Harmon Consellea P3-C3-L24 Thompson, Absalom P1-C2-L23
Humphrey Hogan P3-C3-L25 Thompson, Thomas P3-C2-L4
James Foster P3-C3-L26 Thomson, Andrew P1-C2-L30
Wm Morris P3-C3-L27 Thomson, Charles P1-C2-L26
Nathaniel Bidlack P3-C3-L28 Thomson, Elijah P1-C2-L29



Page 4

Signers as signed document Location on document Listing alphabetically by last Name Location on document
A. Tatom P4-C1-L1 Thomson, James P1-C2-L25
William Hinson P4-C1-L2 Thomson, Robert P1-C2-L27
Edmund Newton P4-C1-L3 Titus, Ebenezer P3-C1-L14
Jonathan Green P4-C1-L4 Tramal, NiColas P3-C3-L16
John Phillips P4-C1-L5 Tucker, John P1-C2-L12
George Flynn P4-C1-L6 Turner, Daniel P1-C3-L10
Daniel Jarrott P4-C1-L7 Turner, John P3-C1-L19
John Owens P4-C1-L8 Turpin, Solomon P1-C1-L13
James Freland P4-C1-L9 Webb, Moses P1-C2-L22
Tho's Molloy P4-C1-L10 Wells, Haydon P3-C3-L17
Isaac Lindsey P4-C1-L11 White, Burgess P2-C3-L18
Isaac Bledsoe P4-C1-L12 White, Samuel P2-C3-L23
Jacob Castleman P4-C1-L13 White, Zach P2-C3-L17
George Power P4-C1-L14 Williams, Da. P3-C2-L1
James Lynn P4-C1-L15 Williams, Samson P3-C2-L3
Thomas Cox P4-C1-L16 Willson, Samuel P2-C2-L16
Edward Lucas P4-C1-L17 Wilson, John P2-C1-L28
Philip Alston P4-C1-L18 Wilson, Ralph P2-C1-L17
James Russell P4-C1-L19 Woods, William P1-C1-L18


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