North Carolina Warrant 46 to Tilman Dixon for 3,840 Acres


Tilman Dixon

Introductory "Jacket" holding documents
Tilman Dixon

Warrant issued from from State of North Carolina


Tilman Dixon

Surveyor James Sanders Plat & Survey


Tilman Dixon Grant

Surveyors Plat & transcribed Warrant & Survey (as it appears in Atlas)


Current Map of Tilman Dixon Grant Area

Dixon Grant as shown in Maps section of Atlas.     Note adjacent grant of William Saunders
Walton Road, Bledsoes Lick to Holston Settlements Trace and several Jury Roads are not shown here but will be represented in final work.


Tilman Dixon's Dixona

Tilman Dixon's home, Dixona, as it now appears on the site of the original Log Cabin in Dixon Springs, TN