Founding of the Cumberland Settlements
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p11, Footnotes   Footnotes apply to maps at pp 12-13
p11, Add Footnote 23   NCXXIV 1177: D1219 Moses Winters,  D1813 John McMurtry Reference to "War Road" 
p12, at Footnote 23   Extend Road from 23 South East to Manskers Creek
p57, Anthony Bledsoe killed, 1788, map ref #27, omitted from map p67, Bledsoe's Fort
p57, Widow Baker & family killed 1793, Manskers, Hamilton's, Stones River location not specified
p57, a Frontier Spy killed on Manskers, map ref #1 p67, Bledsoe's Creek
p58, William Dowdy killed at Kilgores, Kilgore's Station, map #83; p67, Mouth of Red River, middle map
p58, George Espey Killed at Mauldings, map ref #89 p66, on Drakes Creek, near Manskers
p64, Samuel Verner date of death 1780 date of death 1785-1786
Map Page C8 Andrew Anderson, 1,000ac, D335 Andrew Armstrong, 1,000ac, D335
Map Page C14 John Payton, 640 ac, S676 William Good (Goad), 640 ac, S1440
Page 114 - Key to Map Locations   Map Scale is 1.84 or 1 7/8 Inch = 1 Mile