Crab Orchard Land Grant
 3000 Acres



Stockley Donelson & William Terrell - 3000 Acres including the Crab Orchard


Stockley Donelson surveyed this grant July 18, 1795 and clearly identified the placement as "including a place Known by the Name of the Crab Orchard"  Moreover he identified the grant as being on "both Sides of the Waggon Road Leading from South West Point to Nashville"  This was the same Road which Robert King was contracted and paid for construction by Davidson County on July 15th 1788.  This same path, trace or road would have been originally the Tollunteeskee Trace and would be later known as the Walton Road in about 1800.

Stockley Donelson knew the entire area perhaps better than many others in what would become the state of Tennessee the following year. The word "Avery" was not used here nor in any of the North Carolina Land Grants which numbered upwards of 16,000.

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